Local Forms
LOCAL court forms are available for download from this page, for all other court-related forms please visit the California Judicial Council forms page.

Local Forms
All Local Forms
Division Form # Form Name Eff/Rev. Date Type
Civil MSC-CV-001 At-Issue Memorandum (Civil) 10/3/2018 Optional
Civil MSC-CV-004 Ex Parte Application and Declaration to Serve Summons by Posting for Unlawful Detainer 7/1/2020 Optional
Civil MSC-CV-005 Order on Ex Parte Application to Serve Summons by Posting for Unlawful Detainer 7/1/2020 Optional
Court MSC-AD-010 Request for Copies of Electronic Recordings 7/1/2018 Mandatory
Court MSC-RR-001 Record/Search/Copy Request Form 1/2/2020 Optional
Court MSC-VC-001 Video Conference Request Form 7/1/2018 Mandatory
Court MSC-VC-002 Notice of Intent to Appear by Video Conference 7/1/2018 Optional
Criminal MC-P47-1 Petition for Resentencing or Redesignation of Offenses 4/3/2019 Optional
Criminal MC-P47-2 Pro Se Petition for Resentencing or Redesignation of 7/1/2018 Optional
Criminal MC-P47-3 District Attorney Response to Petition 7/1/2018 Optional
Criminal MC-P47-4 Stipulation and Order for Redesignation of Offenses After 7/1/2019 Optional
Criminal MC-P47-5 Waiver, Stipulation, and Order for Resentencing 7/1/2019 Optional
Criminal MC-P47-6 Stipulation and Order for Redesignation of Offenses Prior to Sentencing 7/1/2019 Optional
Criminal MSC-P47-7 Petition and Order 7/1/2018 Optional
Criminal MSC-CR-001 Petition for Cannabis Conviction Resentencing and Order 7/1/2020 Optional
Criminal MSC-CR-020 Information about Fines and Programs (English/Spanish) 7/1/2019 Informational
Criminal MSC-CR-021 Public Defender Appointed Information Sheet 6/22/2020 Informational
Criminal MSC-CR-022 Sentencing Instruction Handout 7/1/2019 Informational
Criminal MSC-CR-030 Request for Hearing on Protective Order Modification 7/1/2019 Mandatory
Criminal MSC-CR-031 Property Retrieval Order 7/1/2019 Optional
Criminal MSC-CR-040 Ramey Warrant_Search Warrant Copy Request 7/1/2019 Mandatory
Criminal MSC-CR-300 Notification of Military Status 7/1/2019 Optional
Family Law MCDCSS-123 Merced County Department of Child Services Court Information Sheet 10/02/2019 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-003 Private Evaluator List 5/6/2019 Informational
Family Law MSC-FL-004 Family Law Resource Guide 5/28/2020 Informational
Family Law MSC-FL-020 Request for Telephonic CCRC 7/1/2019 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-021 Ex-Parte Request and Order RE: Disqualification of CCRC or Evaluator 7/1/2018 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-022 At-Issue Memorandum (Family Law) 8/27/2018 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-023 Declaration in Support of Ex-Parte Application for Orders 7/1/2018 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-024 Request for Default Setting 1/1/2020 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-025 Standard Orders Attachment 7/1/2018 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-026 Petitioner's/Respondent's Objection to FCS 7/1/2018 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-027 Stipulation and Order 7/1/2019 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-028 Stipulation and Order to Continue or Advance a Court Date 7/31/2019 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-029 Stipulation to Vacate CCRC and.or Further Hearing Date 1/1/2020 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-030 Approval for Confidential Records 7/1/2019 Mandatory
Family Law MSC-FL-031 Cover Page for Confidential Records 7/1/2019 Optional
Family Law MSC-FL-032 Statement of Issues and Contentions 7/1/2019 Mandatory
Family Law MSC-FL-033 Marital Settlement Agreement Addendum w. Child Support 2/25/2020 Mandatory
Family Law MSC-FL-034 Marital Settlement Agreement Addendum 2/25/2020 Mandatory
Juvenile MSC-JV-001 Application for Transcript of Juvenile Hearing and Order 11/5/2018 Mandatory
Juvenile MSC-JV-002 Declaration for Access to Juvenile Case File 10/2/2018 Mandatory
Juvenile MSC-JV-003 W&I 827 Quick Reference Guide 11/1/2018 Mandatory
Probate MSC-PR-001 Court Investigations Guardianship Questionnaire 7/1/2018 Mandatory
Probate MSC-PR-002 Petition for Visitation Orders - Guardianship 7/1/2018 Optional
Probate MSC-PR-003 Petition for Modification of Visitation Orders - Guardianship 7/1/2018 Optional
Probate MSC-PR-004 Proof of Service by Mail - Guardianship 3/6/2019 Optional
Probate MSC-PR-005 Proof of Service for Personal Service or by Notice and Acknowledgment of Receipt -  Guardianship 3/6/2019 Optional
Probate MSC-PR-006 Petition for Settlement of Final Account/Account Current 7/1/2020 Optional
Probate MSC-PR-006A Attachment for Final Accounts 7/1/2020 Optional
Probate MSC-PR-007 Financial Document(s) Cover Sheet 7/1/2020 Optional
Probate MSC-PR-008 Petition for Change of Venue Due to Change of Residence 7/1/2020 Optional
Probate MSC-PR-009 Order on Petition for Change of Venue 7/1/2020 Optional
Traffic MSC-TF-001 Traffic Payment Plan Enrollment Form 5/7/2020 Optional