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Civil Grand Juror:

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COVID-19 Information:

For information about the Merced Superior Court’s response to the COVID-19 virus, please visit our COVID-19 Information Page.


Here you will find information regarding the divisions at the Superior Court of California, County of Merced. Please select from one of the options below.

  • Administration

    The Administration division handles administrative and facility issues at the court and do not have access to any individual case files.

  • Civil

    The Civil division handles civil matters.

  • Collaborative Courts

    The Collaborative Courts work with individuals and families that have been met with the challenge of substance abuse, mental illness and other social welfare issues.

  • Court Collections

    The Court Collections Unit is responsible for processing payments of court-ordered fees and fines and arranging payment plans.

  • Court Investigators

    Court investigators conduct investigations of conservatorship matters

  • Court Reporters

    Court Reporter and Interpreter Services (CRIS) is part of the Operations Support Division to serve the court and community.

  • Criminal

    The Criminal Division has jurisdiction over felonies, misdemeanors, infractions, and fish and game or animal control violations.

  • Family Law

    The Family Law division hears matters involving family-related issues and domestic relations.

  • Finance

    The Finance division is in charge of all financial dealings at the court and do not have access to any individual case files.

  • Human Resources

    The Human Resources Division is responsible for assisting all Court divisions and employees in employee-related matters. The division encompasses recruitment and staffing, training and development, benefits and compensation, and safety and risk management.

  • Jury Services

    The Jury Division is responsible for summoning prospective jurors for both civil and criminal cases where the parties have elected to have a jury of their peers decide the case.

  • Juvenile

    The Juvenile Divison handles juvenile delinquency cases only. For juvenile dependency cases please see the Unlimited Civil Division.

  • Los Banos

    The Los Banos division hears traffic, criminal, civil and small claims matters.

  • Probate

    The Probate Division handles a range of issues on matters that fall into probate, including transfer of property of people who have died, will and trusts, adoption, conservatorships, guardianships and name changes.

  • Traffic

    The Traffic Division has jurisdiction over Vehicle Code (infraction) violations, some local municipal ordinances and minor misdemeanors except for DUI violations.

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