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eFile Outage :

Please be advised that a planned outage is scheduled for Odyssey eFileCA on Friday, July 26, 2024, starting at 5:30 pm for approximately two hours. E-Filing will not be available during this time frame. Tyler Technologies eFileCA may be reached at or by calling 1-800-297-5377.

CARE Court

What is CARE Court?

The Community, Assistance, Recovery, and Empowerment (CARE) Act authorizes specified adult persons to petition a civil court to create a voluntary CARE agreement or a court-ordered CARE plan that can include treatment, housing support, and other services for persons with untreated schizophrenia or other psychotic disorders.

When does it begin?

The CARE Act took effect on January 1, 2023. It will be implemented in a phased-in approach, with counties separated into two cohorts. Merced County is part of Cohort 2 and will begin implementing CARE Act Court no later than December 1, 2024.

CARE Court Eligibility

For further information on CARE Court eligibility, click here.

Where can I find information?

California Courts CARE Act Self Help Center

California Health and Human Services CARE Act Resource

CARE Act Resource Center

This webpage will be updated as the Court begins implementation in late 2024.

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