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Conservatorship Information

When an adult (called the "Conservatee") cannot take care of themselves or manage their property or money, you can ask the Court to be appointed as their Conservator.

You will be the person responsible for taking care of the Conservatee.

Conservatorship Types

There are two types of Conservatorship (you can file for one or both):

  1. Person: To take care of the Conservatee.
  2. Estate: Manage the Conservatee’s property and finances.

General vs. Limited

  1. General Conservatorships:
    This is for adults who cannot take care of themselves or their finances.
  2. Limited Conservatorships:
    This is for adults with developmental disabilities who cannot fully take care of themselves or their finances.

When you are appointed as Conservator, you MUST have a copy of the Conservator’s Handbook. This book tells you what your responsibilities and duties are as a Conservator.
You can download the Conservator’s Handbook here: Handbook for Conservators.

You can find more information regarding Conservatorships at the California Courts’ web site: Conservatorships.

Fill Out Your Forms


Paper Form

You can download our current forms packet here:
Conservatorship Packet. 
You can print out your forms, fill them out and then file them with the Court.



For a Limited Conservatorship only, you can also fill out your forms online:

Step 1: Click on the following link: Online Form Preparation.
There is an instructional video on this page to help you with filling out your forms.

Step 2: Click on the link for ‘Limited Conservatorship’ under PROBATE. You will answer questions and at the end your forms will be prepared for you. 
You can then print them, sign them, and file them with the Court.

If you need to request a Fee Waiver, please find information and forms on our Fee Waiver page.

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