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eFile Outage :

Please be advised that a planned outage is scheduled for Odyssey eFileCA on Friday, July 26, 2024, starting at 5:30 pm for approximately two hours. E-Filing will not be available during this time frame. Tyler Technologies eFileCA may be reached at or by calling 1-800-297-5377.


Probate Court

The Probate Department handles the following cases: Decedents’ estates, Trusts, Guardianships of minors, Conservatorships of adults and Minor’s Compromises.

Pleadings filed in these matters may be filed with the Civil Division of the Superior Court located at:


Questions regarding fees, forms or status of orders should be directed to:

Probate Unit of the Clerk’s Office
(209) 725-4111

Office Hours

Office Hours: Please see the latest operational updates at this link.

Court Staff

The Probate Clerk is responsible for handling decedent’s estates, guardianships of minors and conservatorship of adults. Probate cases are heard in the Merced Courthouse.

Court Investigators are responsible for interviewing persons involved in conservatorship and guardianship cases. The Court Investigators explain the court process, legal rights of the protected persons and the duties of those appointed by the Court to protect them. Court Investigators are required to prepare reports summarizing their interviews for the Judge.

The Probate Examiner is responsible for reviewing the filings in probate proceedings and assists the Court in ensuring that filings comply with the Probate Code, State and Local Court Rules. The Probate Examiner’s Notes may be obtained online one to two days before the hearing.

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