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Online Form Preparation

Form Preparation Services

Many of your forms can be completed online using one of the free services listed below.
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Self-Help Remote Resources

Preparing Forms Online

You answer simple questions and your documents will be created automatically. The service will also provide you with instructions to tell you what to do with your forms and how the court process works.

Once you have completed your forms, you can print them out and bring them to the courthouse for filing or you can e-file your forms from home. For more information, please see the section below on E-Filing.

Restraining Orders

Family Law




E-Filing Instructions

The Merced Superior Court offers electronic filing of your documents. You can begin your case and file your documents from the comfort of your home. In order to begin the process, you will need to first select an authorized e-filing provider. You can find a complete list here.

Once you select a provider, you will create an account and follow their instructions on how to upload your documents. You will upload your documents through the provider’s site and complete the requested information. The provider will then submit your documents to the Court for filing.

Please note the provider may charge a fee for their service and you will be responsible for any Court filing fees or other fees associated with your filing. If you file your documents with a Fee Waiver, or have a previously granted Fee Waiver in your case, then you will not be charged a fee to file your documents.

If there are any issues with your filing or it is rejected for any reason, the provider will notify you. Once your documents are filed, the provider will notify you and provide you with copies of your filed documents.

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