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Media Information

Media Information

The goal of Merced Superior Court is to establish and sustain a collaborative partnership with members of the media and to assist with the judicial process, including:

  • Maintaining access to public court records
  • To assist media representatives in carrying out their duties to inform the public

DISCLAIMER: The non-confidential civil complaints (unlimited jurisdiction) accessible through the Press Review Tool Portal have been electronically submitted to the court. Authorized users of this portal are advised that these complaints do not constitute the official court record. Upon full review by the court, a complaint may be rejected for filing if it does not meet applicable standards. Official records of the court are “FILED” stamped documents.

Please note that remote public inspection of civil complaints and other court records are subject to restrictions set forth in the California Rules of Court, Title 2, Division 4.

As a user, you are acknowledging these restrictions and that you are accessing the documents solely for legitimate news reporting purposes.

Users may not misuse the information or make any unlawful disclosure of information obtained, as defined in California Rule of Court Section 2.503(e)(2) regarding personal identifying information.

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