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Finance Division

Pursuant to the Trial Court Financial Policies and Procedures: Policy No. FIN 15.03 Section 3.0

A trial court may escheat to itself (a) any civil money that has been deposited with it or that it is holding in trust for the lawful owner and (b) any money covered by a check that the court issued (e.g., to a vendor, juror, or employee), if the money remains unclaimed or the check remains un-cashed for three years, no law requires a different distribution,2 and the trial court complies with all the requirements specified in this policy.

Please refer to the list of unclaimed funds. If you wish to claim your juror check you may contact the Merced Court – Finance Department at (209) 725-4115 for further information.

The Finance division is in charge of all financial dealings at the court and does not have access to any individual case files.

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