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Civil Grand Juror:

Apply here to be a Civil Grand Juror 

COVID-19 Information:

For information about the Merced Superior Court’s response to the COVID-19 virus, please visit our COVID-19 Information Page.


Administration Information

The Administration division handles administrative and facility issues at the court and does not have access to any individual case files.

Mail and Deliveries

Deliveries will be accepted during normal working hours. The court will not accept deliveries during court holidays and state-mandated court closure days.

All mail should include the following:

  1. The Superior Court of California, County of Merced.
  2. The physical address of the division you are contacting, including city, state and zip code.
  3. An Attention line (ATTN:) listing the specific division you are contacting.

If you would like to receive copies of documents you've mailed to have filed, you must include a self-addressed envelope with the appropriate postage for return.

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