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Seeking Volunteer Mediators for Civil MSC

Volunteer Mediators Needed

The Merced Superior Court is seeking volunteer mediators to conduct settlement conferences for both limited and unlimited cases civil cases and for contested probate matters. Unlimited Civil Settlement Conferences are generally held on Monday Mornings, Limited Settlement Conferences may be held Monday afternoons and/or Wednesday mornings and afternoons, though conferences can be set at other times to accommodate the parties, the mediator, or the court. Probate matters could occur on any day of the week. Settlement Conferences can be conducted in person or via zoom. Mediators must be attorneys, licensed to practice in California. The court would give priority to certified probate specialists to conduct probate mediations. Interested applicants should submit a cover letter addressing availability, the types of cases the applicant is interested in mediating, and a brief resume summarizing experience to the Executive Assistants at

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